The Seriphyn Knight Chronicles is an epic action and fantasy saga of four brothers and their shared destinies to either save or destroy their world called Sol. 


"I'll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm stealing your guns."

 Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they were tragically separated when a magical fire destroyed their monastery home. He finds himself in a foreign city called Apocalypse. 

There he falls in with the Evadale Knight Order security group, which guards the Hell's Labyrinth prison facility. The prison's system goes haywire upon his arrival. Amongst prison chaos, Famine learns that his missing brothers are somewhere within the area. 

He would do anything to save and reunite his family, even if it meant fighting malignant redback spiders and a mind-sucking demon. The fights he faces may be more than he can handle. 

The Fourth Zaldizko

Famine must find his baby brother, no matter what the cost, in a city called Apocalypse.

 Strange and terrible things are happening to the people of this city's second district; the blame pointed at the Evadale Knight Order due to the mishaps of their prison system called Hell's Labyrinth. People are frightened of the baleful rider in gray that stalks the streets at the dead of night. His bow and arrow ready to claim an unwitting soul. 

Famine is not deterred, focused on saving his baby brother. To do so, he must experience the depths of the human ego. 

This time, he must face it on his own, with the Baleful Rider passing judgement on his soul. 

Reborn Legacy

"This must be dying."

Cheating death on a riverbank is the beginning of an epic adventure for a teenage girl called Neven. No memory of where she came from or her identity.

She's fished out of a river to be sold into slavery to an underground mining city called The Zone. As pieces of her memory surface, strange events happen. She begins to believe that her amnesia is intentional. Especially, when she finds herself on death-row for using magic and becomes involved in a diabolical scheme for power by four master magis.

Her determination to seek the truth, unravels troubles and impacts to her surroundings. Lingering in her shadow is an evil wanting release.